Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The things they learn...

Yesterday I saw the most amazing thing ever. I have never really put thought into the process or activities that lead a child to act a certain way...but more recently these strange reactions and behaviors of my kiddos has made me curious. As Malachi and I were laying on his bed looking at some books...Rachel is usually at the side of the bed trying to climb up...and destroy his books. When he was done he scooted off the bed and just barely wipped his foot in front of her face...grazing it. Not even nudging her. I sat and stared as this face of ...."should I get angry? should I cry?" face came over my daughter. She scrunched her nose, looked over her shoulder at him and then the look at me...she screamed! HA! I'm dying. He didn't even touch her and she knew that she would try to work it for all it was worth. Man..she's only 14 months old!! Crazy kid. She is most deffinetely a younger child and a GIRL! I just laughed. She knows when to scream or cry for him to get into some sort of trouble. Poor little guy...at least we're pretty aware of her little plans.

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