Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 3rd birthday!!

Everywhere we move we've made searches for some indoor fun we can take Malachi to. We found on Wednesdays that the roller rink down the road has toddler skate time from 10-12...well they don't advertise much so we were the only ones on the rink!! There were a few young girls running around in the blow up jumping toys...but Malachi and daddy got to skate for $2.50...even better! And it worked out to be on his birthday!! Rachel just walked everywhere and when I picked her up to go she was absolutely wiped out!
As far as the rest of the day....Malachi had his first visit to the dentist!! But don't worry...they didn't even get to clean his teeth. Which to say the least has us looking for a real pediatric dentist who is prepared for kiddos! But he went and watched Daddy get his teeth cleaned.

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Rykowski family said...

Oh my goodness that looks so fun! What a great idea.