Monday, February 21, 2011

11 Months OLD!!! Oh my goodness almost 1!!!

Yep...little Isaiah Aaron is 11 months and soooo fun!!! Here are a few pic's pre-first hair cut! He did so good. He's such a mellow baby who loves to fake laugh, growl like a dinosaur, make hillarious faces at his siblings to get them to laugh and is more adventurous and fearless than his sister was and that freaks me OUT!! Crazy kiddo! He's super close to walking and is determined to climb the stairs even if he falls down them. He's a great eater!!! Man he loves food and so wishes he could eat everything the other kiddos are eating! Loves his big boy sippy cups...yeh NO BOTTLES! And has six teeth(working on two more). So enjoy the fun pictures!!!

Yeppers...our one and only thumb sucker who tugs his ears too! Cutie
Fun picture while Rachel was twirling balloons around!

So this is after haircut...just a real quick buzz to get rid of the mullet...still a line but he looks so much older now! Never cried at all...

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