Monday, February 7, 2011

Rachel's new hair cut

How would this be impactful if I didn't have a before picture...but the newest one is of her on the POT! Ha ha ha. She may not like me when she's in high school for this but it's still cute. So her hair has sweet curls and has been fun for her daddy and I to see but when it gets super long it is so fine that it just goes flat and crazy. So in looking for ideas to keep her still a little girl and sweet as of course she is...we went short. SO FUN! She stayed still pretty well....but we did have to resort in the laptop playing a short movie so I could add layers. So FUN! Enjoy.

Here is the right after pic where it is super curls!
And today she wanted it curled with my curling iron so now you can see the cut.

1 comment:

Sharon and Bob said...

She looks soooo grownup with the straighter look. Sweet!!

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