Monday, February 28, 2011

I do not like grieving

Uggh...I have wanted to write this all week but haven't mustered up the courage to sit and gather my thoughts. I had wanted to get these thoughts out before my emotions were too crazy but this morning all has happened. My pawpaw(grandpa) is gone. It has been a long hard road for him and I am rejoicing that he is no longer in pain and is probably teeing up on the third hole in heaven!! Much deserved. I have spent a few nights this week thinking about him. I think about how as a little girl I would hide behind the corner(instead of playing with my sis and other cousin), trying to hear his stories. That's way more interesting to me. I wanted to take it all in. He saw amazing things. He fought. He flew planes....named after my Mawmaw. Man...who wouldn't want to hear his stories. I respected him. A lot! I never liked being far from him and Mawmaw so I cherished every single trip to see them or time we spent fishing. I remember him at Curecante creek.We'd sit and fish...or should I say..."try" to fish like him. But never could we compare to his natural relaxed skill. I was about 8 and he had a bucket of little brookies. He walked up and asked me to learn how to clean them out. only a good teacher would do, handed me the bucket and told me to clean them all and then I could come have lunch. I got good at cleanin fish! And I was starving...but you don't have to be starving to salivate over Mawmaws cookin. I wish I could've learned more from him. Never liked "Grandparents Day" at school because I never had any near me to come. I cherish those fishing trips and those long drives to Texas to be with him and Mawmaw. I always bragged about him. He was the most amazing golfer to me...still is. There are two things I loved to hear him talk about but never wanted to be in competition with him in....Fishing and Golfing...never! I loved to hear his story of the game he played against Lee Trevino...and of course how his team won. And the best part is that he kept the $100 bill in his wallet signed by Lee...only Pawpaw! He's amazing. He left so much here to be thought about. He left a legacy. I know there are relatives who lived closer to him and may have seen his mistakes and faults...we all have them and even though I know about some of those things I pray to see him through the eyes of a little child and the eyes of grace and mercy of our Savior Jesus Christ whom I know Pawpaw loved. His legacy goes on as I sit with myson and tell him about his fishing and golf stories andsome day his war stories. I thank the Lord that God created G.E. Reed to be my Pawpaw.

His war stories are unbelievable and so wonderful to hear over and over. I am grateful that my folks took the time to record him telling stories for hours years ago so I would have them forever. I have a few other pictures of planes he probably flew...but their names and what was painted on them...a bit inappropriate!! HA!

Gaylon Reed....well earned medals!!!

This has to be my favorite story to's long and someday I will write it. To tell it shortly...he brought home a bomb!!! WHAT? It had not gone off when it hit the ground next to his plane and he decided to pack it and bring it home in is luggage!! His mom freaked and had the actual bomb burried in the back yard!

This was the last time we got to see him almost 2 years was a blessing and tough for me. So thankful that he knew who I was...even though he didn't understand that I was married! Sweet sweet are amazing to me.

I love you dearly Pawpaw. I miss you.


Holly said...

Girl I am so sorry! That is so hard. I will pray for God to fill that place in your heart with his LOVE.
Love you

Knecht said...

So sorry for your loss. Glad that you and your sis can be there for the funeral

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