Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Denver Zoo FREE day!

Well, we thought this was a grand idea to take the kids after their two morning classes to the zoo because...well it was a free day! HA! Malachi had had his last Amazing Athlete's class and Rachel had had her first Roly Poly's class(toddler tumbling) and then we took off for Denver. Well...we get near the zoo and ended up parking across the city park and taking the fun 25 minute hike up to the entrance of the zoo...with the stroller! HA! It was fun for us in some ways and fun for the kids in some. We soon realized that Malachi is past the "awe" age where he would stand and enjoy the animals. He now had a map and wanted to hit every single animal he saw on it...yep...he is his father to a tee! So we learned to just pause and enjoy the animals we liked. And if the kids wanted to rush off...oh well! It was tiring but we did have a good time. And we saved over $40 by going free!
This is on our trek up the hill...

Here begins the funny pics of the kids...behind them is the king lion...yep they already look bored!

All that Rachel wanted to see were the zebra's and horses...to our surprise there were both! They had some wild horses later on in our venture and she was thrilled.

And the entire time..Isaiah was great! He smacked his gums and grinned at many zoo goers and that was fun to see them smile!

And of course...if she could she'd be over all the fences...no doubt!

Yes...I was there...amazing I know! A pic of mom!

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