Sunday, October 31, 2010

Painting pumpkins

After a crazy week with me rushing to Urgent Care and the hospital for a CT scan for some fun kidney stones floating around...but not coming out yet...and Aaron is short staffed...not surprised. We did not get to carve the pumpkins. So to just have fun we painted them since I was single-mom'n' it this week and this was easier. As you can see we started with some cool stencils they painted..then the pumpkins got covered...but what was cool is a few colors we painted glowed in the dark. They loved that!

So, one pumpkin with the pink blob on top of blue is Rachel's. It's actually a castle stencil that glows in the dark and then Malachi's had a race car stencil and a bunch of others but he is the only one that can tell you what they are or WHERE they are! The little pumpkin of course had to be Isaiah's...and the kids picked his rattle for me to paint. Mine...uhh..well I went old school and painted a violin...yep. Miss playing it so it was fun painting one!

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