Friday, October 15, 2010

They are our children

It is always a joy to look at our children and somehow in some way we see please enjoy this story.
When I volunteer at church in Rachel's classroom I am always watching how she acts and if she pays attention. One big distraction is her sweet quiet cousin, almost all the time they sing songs Rachel is clung next to Avery and quiet as can be. So...we leave church and later that even out of the blue Rachel begins to sing the songs...."God's Word is a lamp to my feet. God's Word is a light to my path..." It was precious. Then she sang "James 4:7..." I was confused and said what's the rest of the song? She looked stumped so I pulled my Bible out and started to right it on her responsibility chart...I said..."Submit.." And she followed immediately..."submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." HA! Amazing. So I started to sing one of the other songs we sang..."Do unto others what you would have them do to you..." Rachel cut me off because I got stumped on the sign language and she finishes it with..."this sums up the law and the everything you do..." So here comes Malachi.

Yep he too learned some songs and wanted to sing them. He begins strong.."God is so mighty, so big and so strong. There's nothing my God cannot do for you." With actions too it was adorable. he goes..."Listy up when I'm down. Listy up when I'm down..." As he's jumping up and down I'm dying inside. So I try to correct him by saying.."The words are ..He lifts me up when I'm down." Yep...I was told I'm wrong. Then he began to sing another song.."I'm in the Lord's RV. I'm in the Lord's RV. I will never tube tubatubary. Ride in the Calbary. Shoot tubatubary. I may never fly in the tubary. I'm in the Lord's RV."
HA!! HA!! HA!! I seriously looked at my son and thought. You are absolutely your father. It brought my back to the day before Aaron and I started courting...we were driving from Crested Butte, CO back to Taylor Park where Aaron was working and one of my favorite songs from Rebecca St. James was playing..."Wait for me"...about sexual purity before marriage...and Aaron is singing with no shame..."Waitin for you, waitin for you lalee....wait for me too."....Umm yes I know she has a strong Australian accent but she is not singing lalee...she is saying darling..ha!
To top this off...I told Aaron about Malachi's creation of his own lyrics and his response was..."Oh no...he's going to be a 'Wiggle without me" kid.." I looked at Aaron and said..."what do you mean." He responded.."In high school my favorite song was 'With or without me." And he insisted the words were 'wiggle without me...' and he sang it all the time!!!!!!!!! HA HA!
We love our kids...and they remind us of our fun silly and special ways God made us.

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Sharon and Bob said...

This is awesome..the only thing I remember you pronouncing funny was passgetti!!
Love you and yours

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