Sunday, October 31, 2010

Isaiah crawling and...well imaginations and kids being kids

As crazy as it seems to me, Isaiah has begun to crawl like crazy! So cute. I can't get over how tiny he seems to be moving like that but he really just wants to catch up to his bro and sis. He actually did his first official crawl on October 18 on the web cam chatting with his Nanny and Grampy who live in Hungary and that was awesome to share something with them being so far away! So here's a snip it of video of him crawling and then my crazy older kiddos in the morning and their great imaginations...which lead to no more blocks and no more use of the word "fight".(unless they are talking about being in the Lord's army...Malachi wanted to make sure of that!)

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Anonymous said...

Great video and I am blessed to see Isaiah's first crawl. Thank you Lord to be able to witness this moment. Cool fighting scene mom, :-) also the way Malachi found a solution when asked to share by mom to share Malachi shared using Isaiah's own toy: one because he did not want to share his toys and two neither did Rachel, great solution Malachi, very funny. Thank you Andrea these mean so much to Tina and me.
Love grampy