Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Living with their cuz...

As I said earlier we lived in Brian and Rachel's basement for a while before we closed on our house...so here's some pic's of the cousin's enjoying each other and having fun...

Yes...this is my son pouring a bucket of water on some boys head...nice.

Malachi absolutely adores Avery...and if you notice he is patting her back while they watch Baby Einstein.

Cute cheeks

Rachel was very fearful of the pool this time so she leaned over the edge and touched the water...so cute.

Precious Avery...she learned to crawl and walk while we were there.

Here we are in our hotel...for ten days...not fun. But sweet Malachi ended up on the floor a few times.

And we needed some pics of these beautiful new teeth.That's Rachel...trying to go through the tightest spaces with no fear. Stubborn a bit!Hopefully you can see the three kids looking out the front door at Auntie Rachels and Uncle Brian's...while my stud husband trenches their yard for their new sprinkler...you can see him reflected...what a job!Here's Avery Joy's 1 year birthday....so fun...at the park.

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