Friday, September 19, 2008

Rachel turned 1!!!!

She's ONE! It's flown by and been great! Rachel is one and had our first birthday party we've ever thrown for our kids. It was fun. My sister from Pueblo came up with her three boys who've never met the kids and then Rachel and Brian came with Avery and my parents came up too! It was great. We barbequed and just enjoyed the fam.

Yes...she's going up and down the stairs...but not walking. She actually slides extremely fast down the stairs on her tummy. It's a riot!

This is Payton and Malachi..they're only three months apart and never really met each other accept once as little babies.

And here's the other cousins...the oldest is Jeremiah and the cutie in the Bronco's jersey is Reece, than Payton, Rachel and Malachi....Avery wasn't there yet.
Malachi's first hotdog...he liked it and once a year is plenty.

And for Rachel's cake she had the Taylor fam tradition of a yogurt blueberry muffin...she dove right in and loved it.

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