Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our trip to Florida

We were able to take one of our vacations and have a mini family reunion with Aaron's folks, grandad, aunt and uncle, cousins and his brother's family. It was great and chaotic all at the same time. We had a very good time and a busy schedule..which we totally didn't expect. We like to lay back on our vacations, but with so many kids they had activities planned and that was fine. Here in the first picture is Aaron's cousin, Kellyn's, oldest daughter Shakira. She has another little girl who just turned one and while we were visiting she was about to have her third...a boy they were naming Hezekiah. Last week she delivered little Hezekiah and his little heart couldn't beat on it's own. After flying him to another hospital he died. So...please pray for them. Kellyn is in a tough situation and her and Alvin...the dad need some prayer. The memorial is this weekend. Pray that the Lord would draw them near to Him and give them peace and rest.

Malachi and Rachel enjoyed Grandad's place...although it was super child proofed.

For most of the week Malachi stayed clear of going into the pool. He is a cautious child and when he cannot control his environment he get's scarred...so we let him go when he felt like it.

Then...another pirate ship. Aaron's folks took us all out on a a.k.a. pirate ship...yeh we liked the Michigan real pirate ship a bit better but as a fam...we had fun! This is...Jason(Aaron's bro), Diane(Jason's wife...our sister'n'law), Tina(Mum, Nanny) and David(Dad, Grampy)...from left to right.

This is their oldest son, Tavis

And this is their youngest and only daughter, Cora

My mum is going to kill me for this photo...but I thought it was fun.

Yes...Malachi eats boats instead of floating them.

Cora...being Cora

This is Charles, the second to youngest...swimming across the pool...he did great!

And this is Nick...second to oldest

And this is the aftermath of being in the sun all day.

Argh....our little pirate!

Rachel and Grandad...she's thinkin how she loves showin off her belly..."come on Grandad...show yours too?"YIPPEEE....Malachi came into the pool our last day at Grandad's and loved being tossed up in the air...Aaron was tired.

And our little fearless one loves those stairs.

Who doesn't love Grampy's hat?

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