Monday, September 29, 2008

Rachel and Avery ...who's the tatle tail?

I had to post this video because it shows precious Avery being friendly with Rachel and well, they just don't understand hurting each other, nor does Rachel try to escape. As you will see my sweet daughter looks at mom to take care of her frustration...ya know. I think deep inside she's thinking.."mom, why don't you put her in time out and make her cry like you do with Malachi when he's mean to me?? Come on mom?". But Rachel is absolutely in love with her cousin and her brother even when they pick on her. It's cute but someday Rachel will get back at them...and I hope I have the camera ready! (Also...Rachel wasn't hurt in this video and don't think I'm not running to her aide when she's actually in pain..)


Brian & Rachel Schultz said...

hilarious!!!! i love that avery just sits there while rachel screams her head off.... that was awesome!

LilBit said...

Wow! She's got some mean little lungs there!

Aloe said...

bwaahahaha - She's just like, "Why the heck do you have to keep friggin' touching my eyes already!"