Friday, September 19, 2008

The house now!!

So here's what it looks like now. All we did outside was trim up the ugly bushes inthe front, and a chore of ours was putting the brick reinforcement walls on the two more to go in the back! Next year...we'll update you on the new front porch and other landscaping ideas we have in store.

Malachi's bunk..and he needs buddies to come stay sometime!
And of course, Daddy found some cool bedding for Malachi at his work...HE LOVES IT! He knows all the construction vehicles and this is perfect.Here's the office/entry room. We haven't found cool chairs and a coffee table yet, but we're hunting...most likely will be found at Sofa Mart...and I don't think Aaron will shop anywhere else!

The back is very we can make it our own!

But most deffinetely one of the largest yards we could find in Ft Collins!!

Here's precious Rachel's room.

Here's looking down at the dinning table when it's open for eight!! Yipppee...more seats!And of pride and joy...the awesome kitchen. It's wonderful now that I can use my new pans and other gadgets that have been in boxes never used for almost three years!!!And Aaron's fav room...the family room with of course a huge entertainment center for a larger tv that Aaron plans on getting....IN THE FUTURE! And what you can't see is to the left are three to the guest bedroom(which now has a nice king bed and new bedding...please come visit??), one to the garage and bathroom and laundry room...and the last is to our unfinished basement. To the right are the sliding doors to the backyard.This is a pic of the table closed(how we normally have it) and the extra chairs are at the bar.This is the buffet that goes with the table...just didn't have room in the dining for it holds my funky dishes! I love it!


LilBit said...

Looks beautiful!! You've done a wonderful job Andrea!!!! :)

Kelly said...

Wow! I love your is so wonderful to see how the Lord has provided for you guys. Your first house is beautiful and I love what you have done with it. Can't wait to see it in person!

Jill said...

Andrea, Just found your blog through facebook. I watch blogs on google reader, so I'll have to add yours to it. Your home looks beautiful. ANd as for the guest room...we might help you fill it some day. :-) Unfortunately we probably won't make it to csu this summer to ccc because i am expecting #3 child a few weeks before. I am really bummed. I love CO! So, maybe we'll have to plan another trip sometime separate from ccc.

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