Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our 5 year!!!

So right before we took off from Michigan we were able to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in South Haven, Michigan. It all began with Aaron leaving for a business trip to Chicago and while he was gone I would get one envelope a day that had a task for me to accomplish in order to recieve the next envelope. Each task made me re-live our favorite memories...then another had me think of couples that encouraged us in our marriage and call them and thank them and pray with them...and even had me watch our wedding video. Aaron did a great job. The last clue was given to me at 1pm on Friday and all it said was I had 2 hours to pack...with a list of things to pack and Aaron's dad, who was still visiting, was driving me to Grand Rapids, MI where I would recieve the next envelope. When we arrived there I found Aaron's car...he'd left it there to carpool to Chicago...and in it was an envelope with mapquest directions to somewhere...I didn't kow where. But I drove. And when I arrived literally five minutes before I had gotten there, Aaron and just been dropped off by his regional mgr at a great bed and breakfast. We actually stayed in their riverside condo. It was so nice. He had a massage set up for me in the morning and we ate dinner on an old steamboat...then took the sunset sail on an old pirate ship. It was so fun. And of course heading back to our mostly packed appartment was crazy...but we had a great anniversary.

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Kellie said...

Wow that sounds awesome. Thank you for sharing. Maybe it will inspire (me) someone.